Baked portabello stuffed with stewed wheat with a taste of Västerbottensost®

Vegetarian dish with a lot of flavor. Portapello topped with roasted marcon almonds and deep-fried Jerusalem artichoke. Let yourself taste!

Detta recept innehåller:
200 g

6 portabello (even and fine)
6 pcs king solo garlic
25 g thyme
Cooking oil
4 pcs of king solo garlic for frying
10 g of thyme for frying


60 MIN

Cut off the outermost on the portabellon and scrape out the black that is inside the mushroom with a tablespoon. Then place them in a suitable baking dish, crush and put down the garlic, also add thyme and turn on cooking oil so it covers. Then bake them on 130 degrees of hot air for about 40 minutes. Then let them stand and soak in the oil for an hour or so.
Then fry them in butter, crushed garlic and thyme at medium temperature and pour them until they acquire a nice color. Salt.

Stewed food wheat with a taste of Västerbottensost

3 dl food wheat
1 piece yellow onion (chopped)
4 cups whipped cream
200 g Västerbottensost®, grated
Maizena redning
Butter for frying
Black pepper

Cook the food wheat according to instructions and cool it down when it is fully cooked. Bring the whipped cream to a boil and join grated Västerbotten cheese and beat until the cheese dissolves. Then rode off so it gets thick as a stew. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
Then fry the chopped onion in a little butter until it is just starting to brown, then turn down the food wheat and turn it around with the onion. Then pour down the stew, starting with half and then pouring down as much as you think is needed.

Roasted Marcon Inhales

60 g of Marcon almonds
Olive oil

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees of hot air. When the oven is up to temperature, go in with the almonds and roast them for about 2-3 minutes. Take them out and let them cool. Then chop them into smaller pieces and turn them around in a little olive oil and salt.

Deep-fried Jerusalem artichoke

6 Jerusalem artichokes
Frying oil or cooking oil

Bake the Jerusalem artichokes at 160 degrees of hot air until completely soaked. Cool down, then cut them into smaller pieces. Deep fry them just before serving until they get nice color and are crispy. Salt and serve.


200 g of kale
1 large shallot (finely chopped)
Butter for frying
Black pepper
Frying oil or cooking oil

Start by removing all the stems from the kale, then divide the kale leaves into two piles. Half should be deep-fried and half should be fried. Use the same oil as for the Jerusalem artichokes and deep fry the kale until crispy without losing its green color. (Be careful when adding the kale to the beginning, so use a saucepan or deep fryer with a lid.) Place the pre-fried kale on a piece of paper and salt.
Before serving, the onion is fried in butter over medium heat without taking color, the rest of the kale is turned down and quickly fried without losing color. Salt and pepper.

Leavened kohlrabi

1 pc kohlrabi
0.5 dl vinegar 12%
1 cup sugar
1.5 dl water

Whisk vinegar, sugar and water until the sugar has dissolved. Plan kohlrabi as thinly as possible on cutting machine, 3 slices / portion. Then punch as far out towards the green edge as possible. Then vacuum pack them along with the teams.

When serving

Place the freshly fried portabellon in the middle of the plate, fill it with the food veta break. Top with the Marcona almonds and Jerusalem artichoke as well as the fried and deep-fried kale. Finally, garnish with the leavened kohlrabi and preferably some edible flowers.


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