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Norrmejerier: +46 (0) 90 18 28 00

Opening hours: weekdays 14:30-15:30

Norrmejerier Head Office

Mariehemsv 210

SE-906 50 Umeå, Sweden

International distributors:

Finland: Conaxess
Norway: Oluf
Denmark: Wernersson Ost
United Kingdom: Scandikitchen
Baltic states: Svensky
Germany: Andersson Import
Iceland: Adfong
Spain: Eudelac
Hong Kong: Pearandcarrot

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Experience Burträsk

For a full sensory experience of Västerbottensost cheese, we highly recommend a visit to the Burträsk Experience Center. Here you will find Sweden’s largest exhibition on Västerbottensost along with delicious food made from organic and locally produced ingredients. Read more and find tips on things to experience in Burträsk here
Burträsk Experience Center »