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    Prehistoric times

    A meteorite hits Burträsk

    The meteorite impact is believed to have made the soil around Burträsk, where the cows graze, unusually calcareous and nutritious. Is that why Västerbottensost®'s unique flavour can only be created here?

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  • The dairymaid Gerda Granberg, Västerbotten, late 19th Century.
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    The mistake that becomes a masterpiece

    The story of Västerbottensost® begins in 1872 when Ulrika Eleonora Lindström creates the legendary recipe. Legend says that it is a courting milkman who makes her forget to tend the curdling vat. At first the cheese is thought to be ruined, but when it is tasted, the delicious flavour is discovered! Whatever the truth of the story, one thing is certain – it is Ulrika Eleonora who embraces the newfound knowledge and passes it on to the future. Thank you, Ulrika Eleonora!

    Get to know Ulrika Eleonora
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    Dear Mrs Lundström, put the brandy on ice and prepare a six, six for seven with crayfish and eel and with new radishes; Do not forget the Burträsk cheese

    August Strindberg

    The national poet August Strindberg writes about the cheese in the poetry collection "Word Play and Minor Art"; in 1905.

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    A milestone for Swedish cheese making

    The registration of the "W" trademark represents a historic moment in Swedish cheese production. At the time, the cheese is produced by several different dairies and the quality varies. Under the new trademark, however, the dairies agree on a common quality standard - something previously unheard of. To this day, all Västerbottensost® is labelled with the "W" as a guarantee for quality!

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    Burträskost cheese gets a new name

    The name of the cheese is now decided to be Västerbottensost® after previously being called Burträskost.

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    The cheese crosses the Atlantic

    In the years after World War II, most of the cheeses produced are exported to the United States. Today, Västerbottensost® can be found all around Europe and as far away as Hong Kong!

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    A royal cheese

    Thanks to Västerbottensost®, Norrmejerier is appointed Purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden – a mark of honour that shows that the unique cheese is enjoyed by royalty and common people alike.

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    A noble cheese

    At the Nobel Banquet, the guests are served a Västerbottensost cheese timbale as their main course accompanied by lemon roasted duck breast, ragu of chanterelles, and Jerusalem artichoke and herb-potato puree.

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    The cheese gets a house of its own

    HM the King Carl XVI Gustaf, and Queen Silvia inaugurate the House of Cheese in Burträsk – which will later become the Västerbottensost® Visitor Centre.

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    The cheese goes to a princess wedding

    Västerbottensostpaj® is the first course of the wedding dinner when HRH Princess Madeleine marries Chris O'Neill on the 8th of June. The wedding dinner is held at Drottningholm Palace and the pie is served with eggs from Gotland and caviar foam.

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    The little dairy is growing

    HM the King Carl XVI Gustaf inaugurates the extended dairy in Burträsk in response to increasing demand for Västerbottensost®. A hole in the wall enables the unique flora from the ancient building to flow into the new wing.

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    Sweden's provincial pizzas

    Västerbottensost® and the Swedish Culinary Team introduce the concept of "provincial pizza" by appointing Sweden's 25 official pizzas created by the Swedish people. One pizza for each province in Sweden.

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    The cheese celebrates 150 years!

    The year 2022 marks the 150th anniversary of the creation of Västerbottensost® by Ulrika Eleonora Lindström. We are proud to pass her legacy on to new generations of cheese lovers around the world – so that they too may enjoy a piece of Swedish food tradition.

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    Let the cheese elevate the taste experience

    Did you know that the savoury character and saltiness of Västerbottensost® make it a perfect flavour booster for everyday dishes as well as fine cuisine?

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