Yoghurt ice cream with white chocolate and Västerbottensost


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Discover a fresh dessert with surprising tastes.


Approx. 4 people

10 cl grated Västerbottensost
200 g white chocolate
10 cl double cream
40 cl Greek yoghurt
200 g raspberries


Chop the chocolate into pieces and melt into the cream while stirring in a saucepan. Then add the cheese. Mix the raspberries roughly with hand blender and fold in together with the yoghurt. Pour into a mould and place in the freezer 2–3 hours. Stir a couple of times during the time.

Do you want a creamier ice cream with raspberry ripple? Then, run the ice cream paste for a few seconds in the mixer after 1½ – 2 hours. Save 10 cl of the mixed raspberries, and stir them in before you let the ice cream freeze completely solid.

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