Tortillas with minced lamb kebabs and mango salsa


The secret behind the minced lamb kebabs is the combination of Västerbottensost® and pistachios. The mango and avocado salsa is sure to become a firm favorite.


150 g grated Västerbottensost® 4 thick wheat tortillas
1 small bag of mixed salad
500 g minced lamb
100 ml chopped pistachios
Sea salt and pepper
1 fresh mango
1 avocado
½–1 fresh chilli
2 tbsp rapeseed oil
200 ml sour cream


Mix the lamb mince with the Västerbottensost, pistachios, salt and pepper. Shape the mixture into eight rolls and put them in a baking tin. Thread the rolls onto skewers and cook them in the oven on baking parchment at 225°C for around 15 minutes. Peel the mango and avocado and chop them into cubes. Mix with the finely chopped chilli, rapeseed oil and a little salt. Warm the tortillas in the oven briefly. Serve with the salad, kebabs and salsa. Top with sour cream.

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