Moose Burger with Crème of Västerbottensost Cheese and Flavors of the Forest


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Hamburger made from ground moose (and ground pork to provide a little fat). The flavorsome Västerbottensost cheese combined with the gamy taste is perfect for adding a few flavors from the forest such as chanterelles, juniper berries and some tangy lingonberries. A hamburger full of flavor that can be assembled in under 20 minutes. Can be enjoyed with some pepperoni sausage, salted potato chips or even veggie chips for a little more elegance. 


Serves 4

Moose Burger Patty
400 g ground moose
100 g ground pork
Salt and pepper

Västerbottensost Cheese and Juniper Crème
100 ml mayonnaise
100 ml crème fraîche
150 g grated Västerbottensost cheese
10 juniper berries, mashed

Approx. 30 g salad mix
100 g chanterelles
100 ml lingonberries
A few slices of Västerbottensost cheese
4 burger buns

Blend the ground moose and pork, form into 4 patties roughly 1 cm thick, salt the patties. Fry the chanterelles in butter for a few minutes then add the patties and fry for approx. 4-5 minutes on each side. Sprinkle on some pepper at the end. Blend the ingredients for the crème and add salt to taste. Assemble the burgers with salad, chanterelles, patties, two slices of Västerbottensost cheese, crème and top off with some lingonberries. Serve with your choice of pepperoni sausage or rustic potato chips. This meal makes for a perfect TV dinner.

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