Grilled summer vegetables with pata negra

An amuse-bouche to keep spirits high at the barbecue while you wait for the main course.

4 peaches
8 fresh green asparagus spears
3 tbsp rapeseed oil for grilling
Salt flakes
Black pepper from the grinder
160 g Västerbotten cheese
8 slices of pata negra
2 tbsp Honey, runny
Good olive oil

1. Pit the peaches and cut into slices. Cut the asparagus down the middle. Brush everything with rapeseed oil and season with salt and pepper.

2. Grill for about ten minutes. Turn several times and twist half a turn for impressive griddle marks.

3. Cut the Västerbotten cheese into pieces. Place a piece together with the asparagus and peach on a slice of Pata Negra and roll it up into a bundle.

4. Drizzle some runny honey and rich olive oil on top.

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