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Thomas Rudin, Master Cheese Maker in Burträsk

In 1983 Thomas Rudin started as a summer worker at the dairy in Burträsk. Eighteen years later, in 2001, he took over as Master Cheese Maker from Yngve Persson. The work as a Master Cheese Maker entails, among other things, being responsible for the quality of Västerbottensost as well as being one of only a few people to know the very secret recipe for Västerbottensost. After the cheese has aged for at least fourteen months Master Cheese Maker Rudin evaluates the cheese along with Stores Manager Ola Larsson. Västerbottensost is assessed and noted on a scale from one to nine, and only higher numbers are released for sales as Västerbottensost.

You may ask yourself how a man with such a long background in the trade can still find it exciting to work with Västerbottensost.

– I do not get fed up with it, instead it makes me alert. I think that comes from the challenge of preserving the originality of Västerbottensost, even though the world around us is constantly changing, that is a daily challenge, Master Cheese Maker Rudin says.

– It is a magnificent experience being in there by yourself. At times I have been so proud of the cheese that I have thought: Good night, my little children, Master Cheese Maker Rudin says.

If you want to learn more about Västerbottensost you can visit us in Burträsk!

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