The same unique flavour

New design in black and gold

Västerbottensost cheese is a ripe cheese with a unique flavour, which is now reflected more clearly in the design, which is predominantly in black with the logo in gold. Black is already associated with ripe cheeses, and the contrasting golden logo make it easy to find the cheese in the counter. The packaging is now decorated with the Västerbottensost well known “W”, which was registered as a trademark in 1910, and still acts as a guarantee that the cheese is carefully selected. The new decor also proudly displays the Royal Warrant, an additional guarantee for genuine Swedish quality.


Easy to open, re-sealable and filled with history

The new decor makes it easier to understand Västerbottensost exciting history that began in Burträsk in 1872. In addition to the new décor, the packages are also user-friendly. Västerbottensost cheese piece packaging is now easier to open and the packages of grated Västerbottensost cheese are now re-sealable. However, there is nothing new beneath the new packaging. The unique taste and the secret recipe is exactly the same, and all the milk comes from farms in the area around Burträsk in Västerbotten. Read more about Västerbottensost history here.

Other interesting stuff