Weekday magic in 20 minutes

Let the taste of Västerbottenost® create that special feeling of everyday magic with simple and fresh everyday recipes.

Cauliflower soup with grilled sourdough and chopped tomatoes

Try this tasty cauliflower soup with spinach and Västerbottensost®.


Wheat berry salad with chicken thigh fillets

A delicious salad with red cabbage, carrots, roasted almonds, cream cheese and Västerbottensost® marinated in honey.


Grilled salmon with lemon and mustard potatoes

Combine the mouth-watering flavours of potatoes with mustard, lemon and Västerbottensost® and herb yoghurt, which complement the salmon perfectly.


Cannelloni with Västerbottensost® and uncooked tomato sauce

Serve your cannelloni with an uncooked tomato sauce flavoured with smoked paprika.


Tortillas with minced lamb kebabs and mango salsa

The secret behind the minced lamb kebabs is the combination of Västerbottensost® and pistachios.


Fresh yoghurt with chocolate sauce

The combination of white chocolate and Västerbottensost® forms the basis for a delicious dessert.


Other interesting stuff