New Year’s Menu

Celebrate the New Year with a classic party menu! Sumptuous pilgrim scallops, tender fillet of beef and lastly licorice and lemon parfait as the crowning glory. All for a really good start to the New Year!

Offer your guests wonderful accompaniments to the champagne

Västerbottensost-stuffed potato pancakes

VästerbottensostpläŠttar med sikrom, röšd löšk och crŽème fraiche

Phyllo dough cigars


Italian Parma rolls


Sumptuous pilgrim scallops

A delicious starter from the sea


Beef medallions with blue cheese, potato cake and grapefruit salad

A true classic on the New Year’s menu


Licorice and lemon parfait

Let the final dish of the year be a truly sensational one – here in the form of licorice and lemon

Lakrits- och citronparfait

Other interesting stuff