Leisure time with Västerbottensost® cheese

What’s your favourite way to spend time with your friends and family? We think it might be sharing a bite to eat that’s both easy to prepare and temptingly delicious.

Filo pie with chili tossed shellfish

Scallops and prawns bring out the flavour of Västerbottensost® cheese.

Filopaj med chilivända skaldjur

Salad with oven baked chicken and fresh figs

A simple dish with unexpected flavour combinations.

Sallad med ugnsbakad kyckling och färska fikon

Green pumpkin pesto

With fresh basil, garlic and Västerbottensost® cheese.

Grön pumpapesto

Thyme butter with Västerbottensost® cheese

A wonderful taste sensation best experienced on a slice of freshly baked bread. 

Timjansmör med Västerbottensost

Cloudberry chutney

Enjoy the gold of the forests in the best way possible. 

Cloudberry chutney

Cranberry chocolate with flakes of Västerbottensost® cheese

Interesting flavours that go unbelievably well together.

Tranbärschoklad med flingor av Västerbottensost

Oven baked buscuits with cream cheese and chutney

Crispy snacks flavoured with Västerbottensost® cheese.

Ugnsbakade kex med färskost och chutney

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