Experience the flavour green

When the colours of summer start to explode around us, inspiration is easily found in our lush green surroundings. A pleasant relaxed, easy life – using the season’s best ingredients to create exciting meetings between familiar as well as new tastes and flavours.
Help yourself!

Pastries with Västerbottensost and wild tomatoes

Perhaps our greatest classic. In this updated, slightly more stable version, it can be eaten by hand.

Refreshing avocado soup with Västerbottensost crisps

Salty crisps and a tasty, cool soup are the perfect match to the summer heat.


Tear and share bread with kalamata olives

You flavour summer’s easiest bread with Västerbottensost.


Summer-green butter with Västerbottensost

A classic accompaniment that receives a verdant touch for summer. Grated lemon peel gives a fresh bite.


A green fish on the bbq

Cod back fillet with barbequed lemon, Parma crisps and green pesto.


Green pesto

In the summer, you always have a use for quick sauces.


Avocado salad with raw sliced asparagus and pine kernels

Serve as separate dishes or as accompaniments, for example, to a BBQ.


Summer’s red pesto

How spicy do you want your pesto to be? try it out by using more or less chili.


roasted sweet potatoes with chopped early greens and finely grated Västerbottensost

Serve as a dish on its own or as a side at a BBQ.


Roasted paprika mayo

Packed with flavor and mixed together in no time at all.


when sweet meets salt

Broken chocolate with pistachios and flakes of Västerbottensost.


Yoghurt ice cream with white chocolate and västerbottensost

Discover a fresh dessert with surprising tastes.


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