Christmas buffet

This menu contains the classic Christmas dishes. How about pickled salmon, herring and obviously Västerbottensost pie?

Lightly pickled salmon with trout roe, radish and dill

A tasty dish that goes well both as a buffet and as starter 

Gravad lax

Herring with Västerbottensost

Christmas needs its herring, this recipe takes the flavours in Västerbottensost to new heights


Herb creamed potatoes

Creamed potatoes go well with most dishes in the classic Christmas buffet, while herbs provide extra flavour and spice

stuvad potatis

Christmas pie on ham and Västerbottensost

Quickly prepared Christmas loaf with flavours of bitter orange and fennel


Chocolate mousse with lime marinated pears

End the Christmas dinner with a chocolate mousse with lime marinated pears

(ingen bild)

Other interesting stuff