Stone-bake your own pizza

Have you tried baking your own pizza on a barbecue? If not, it’s high time you did. Both the flavour and the crispness of the base are completely different than when you bake it in the oven.

A pizza stone delivers heat quickly to the base, which is why it becomes extra crispy. You can bake the pizza even without a pizza stone, but it is best to bake the base first and then add the topping.

A pizza stone gives more even heat and more control. It also draws moisture from the pizza base, which creates the stone-baked feeling. The pizza should be barbecued with the lid on to get heat from the top too. Leave the vents in the lid and the bottom open so that the embers don’t die down.

“Bake your pizza on a pizza stone in the barbecue and the taste and crispiness will be fantastic.”

To bake the pizza quickly and evenly, the barbecue temperature should be at least 250 degrees. Briquettes are better suited to this than charcoal because they have a more even and higher quality and a longer burning time. It’s important for heating up the stone and if you’re going to bake several pizzas. Put the briquettes along the edges instead of right underneath the pizza to avoid burning the base. The barbecue time for each pizza is not especially long, approx. 3–4 minutes.

Place the stone on the barbecue as soon as the briquettes are glowing, make sure the stone is hot before you put the pizza on it. Put enough flour on the stone so that the pizza does not stick. The pizza stone should preferably be made of the stone material cordierite rather than granite because granite is fragile, heavy and absorbs too much heat. This means you risk burning the pizza. If you don’t want to use a pizza stone, you can put the pizza directly on the grill and bake it with the lid on.

Here is a good pizza recipe:

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