In search of new trends in the world of gastronomy

Are we going back to our roots and have we just seen the beginning of the organic trend? Will vegetables become the coolest thing to put on a plate and are we moving towards spending more time on cooking in order to eat more healthily? We’ve had a look at some of the most interesting food trends from the USA.

“We are taking a step back to our roots and reliving our culinary heritage.”


This trend is about respect and love for the crafts behind the food that we produce. By using old techniques and forgotten varieties of vegetables, we are going back to our roots and reviving our culinary heritage. The trend includes everything from beans, tomatoes and pickled food, to juices and lactic acid and ice cream with only four ingredients, not to mention coffee, which is the trendiest drink of all. The trend also includes meat sold by specialists, who have taken their detailed knowledge of butchering, storing and ageing to exceptional levels.


In the dairy section

Organic dairy products are really popular in the USA just now – especially locally produced alternatives. Above all, the packaging must be practical as well as convenient so several products can be bought at once. The colours used are matte, with an old-fashioned feeling which creates a friendly impression. Cheese is a big trend, with both restaurants using the melted cheese theme and well-stocked cheese counters which provide a wide selection for consumers.

Neo veggie

It has become really trendy to eat vegetables again and even food that was previously thought of as poor man’s food is being consumed with a great appetite. This is evident from the fact that vegetables such as kale and cauliflower are being used in new ways and even making their way onto restaurant menus. Juices are big and vegetables and green juices and smoothies have grown so popular that they have their own bars. In addition to growing interest in vegetarian dishes, it is becoming more common to make use of things like edible weeds, bark and shoots. This interest has resulted in several different communities where like-minded people can share their thoughts.

Healthy eating starts here

Dietary supplements, medical specialists and other fast routes to better health are being skipped in favour of simply eating healthier food. The fact that it takes longer to prepare is not important. The main thing is that we eat things that make us feel better and which, at the same time, are better for the environment. The interest in natural ingredients, conscious choices and healthy eating habits is resulting in everything from new types of shops and digital apps to a whole range of new products.

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