How to use Västerbottensost in cooking

Västerbottensost has lots of small holes. This type of cheese melts faster and has shorter threads than cheese with fewer large holes. It also has a somewhat higher fat content, which gives better results in cooking. Thanks to its long maturation period, the flavour of the cheese is clearly evident in food.

The strong flavour and saltiness of Västerbottensost embellishes most dishes: everything from risotto, polenta, pasta and soup to gratins and other oven-baked dishes. It adds an extra dimension to salads or croutons as well as to cold and hot sauces.

“Add the cheese towards the end of the preparation.”

Västerbottensost in food
Use Västerbottensost in cooking

Mushrooms, bacon, bread, nuts, eggs and butter are flavours which go well with Västerbottensost, especially in combination with a well chosen drink. All vegetables, legumes, fish, meat and berries can be combined with the cheese. Among the recipes here on our website, you will find salads, sandwiches, herb butter and main dishes. Västerbottensost can also be served as a cheese course between the main course and dessert, or as a dessert.

Serving tips: Serve Västerbottensost at room temperature as a side dish between different courses. Cloudberry chutney, freshly baked bread and toasted walnuts with a glass of port are good accompaniments to the cheese.

Cooking tips: Add the cheese at the end to get the best result.

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