Food photography school – how to succeed on Facebook and Instagram

Interest in food is growing and with the invasion of Facebook and Instagram, we’re photographing food like never before. But how do you take a food photo that’s so well composed and delicious-looking that it gets maximum approval from all your friends and followers? Photographer Fabian Björnstjerna at Agent Bauer has many years of experience in food photography and is happy to share his five top tips.

Food photography

“Compose the image according to the ‘central figure’ on the plate.”

  • It is best to use available light, preferably daylight, if possible. Avoid using the flash in your camera/mobile phone or light directed from a lamp – this produces entirely different lighting from what you see with the naked eye and can also make the colours of the food look different.
  • Look at the “main character” on the plate and compose the photo based on that. Try moving the plate around the table so that you get an interesting composition.
  • Don’t be afraid to try different variations. Take a step back and get a wider view or move a little closer to the food. Take as many exposures as you like and experiment.
  • Focus on the food. Remove unnecessary items from the background (but not so much that it becomes sterile) and use neutral plates and cutlery so that the food can stand out.
  • Try looking down with the camera and taking photos with a low camera angle. This allows you to incorporate more of the table and table setting into the photo. It also adds depth to the photo.

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