Discover Smart Casual with Västerbottensost cheese

Do you and your friends share a common interest in delicious food and get together for both social and culinary enjoyment? Then you are just the reason we have created Smart Casual with Västerbottensost cheese.

What is Smart Casual with Västerbottensost cheese really about? Well, first and foremost it is a collection of completely new recipes that use Västerbottensost cheese in simple, honest food. As can be understood from the name, we see it as a step towards cooking which is a little more relaxed. Without losing any of the strong passion for the ingredients.

The recipes were created in collaboration with chef Jon Oskar Arnarson, who runs Bryggargatan – Västerbotten’s best restaurant according to the White Guide 2014. This is what he says about his attitude to Västerbottensost cheese: 
”Cooking is all about respect for the ingredients and giving different flavours room to be themselves. I like Västerbottensost cheese best when it isn’t too dominant. It’s best when it’s in the background as an effective flavouring. Then it can really bring out the best in many ingredients.”

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