Barbecue like a real professional

If you are unsure about how much charcoal or briquettes you need, the basic tip is to use too much rather than too little. It is always easier to let it cool if it gets too hot than to try to barbecue at too low temperatures.

If you use lighter fuel, you need about 100 ml, which you let soak in properly before lighting the barbecue. Remember that the grill should be on the whole time so it will be hot when you start to barbecue. Don’t fall into the trap of starting to grill too early, it takes at least 20 minutes to get a really good barbecue going.

“Don’t start cooking too quickly! A good barbecue takes at least 20 minutes to prepare.”

To prepare for direct grilling, you need an even layer of charcoal across the bottom of the barbecue so that the heat is equally strong across the whole surface. Barbecue with the lid on so the smoke gives a juicier and tastier result. Direct grilling is most suitable for smaller pieces of meat. If you have larger pieces of meat, they must be placed higher up from the charcoal bed so that they do not burn on the surface but remain raw in the middle.

Indirect grilling means laying the briquettes or charcoal along the sides of the barbecue and placing the food to be cooked in the middle with the lid on. Then the whole barbecue heats up and works like a fan oven. Indirect grilling is a method which is suitable for steaks and other large pieces of meat which need a longer cooking time. A smart tip is to put a drip tray in the middle, which collects the meat juice and fat which drips from the meat.

Now you’ve got some handy tips for how to have a successful barbecue. Of course, we’ll also give you some ideas for how to use Västerbottensost to give that little extra something to your food. One of the simplest tips is to make a cold sauce using 200 ml crème fraiche, 200 g grated Västerbottensost and salt and pepper. It works well with most things. Or why not add grated Västerbottensost to flavour homemade potato salad? This is also a guaranteed success.

Here we have collected some of our favourite recipes which are especially suitable for barbecues. Why not try them!

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