A chef’s thoughts on Västerbottensost: Susanne Jonsson

With a Master’s in gastronomy and diploma in wines from London, Susanne Jonsson from Norrland knows all about food and drink. Among other things, this has resulted in three cookery books, her own restaurant and many appearances as a TV chef. Her love of food and longing for the perfect meal are perfect driving forces for her company, Foodie. There Susanne develops food concepts, recipes and menus.

Here are Susanne Jonsson’s thoughts on what is so special about Västerbottensost:

Susanne Jonsson“Västerbottensost is close to my heart. My first visit to the dairy was in 1997 with the Gastronomy programme at Umeå University. At that time, Tore Wretman and Werner Vögeli had been ambassadors for the cheese for a long time. Then it became even more clear to me that a cheese is more than just a cheese. Someone has made it, turned it, tasted it and taken it to you.

“A well-kept secret in which we can all lose ourselves and enjoy to the utmost.”

To explain why Västerbottensost is so special, you might say that the milk has been influenced by the cows’ feed, which is grown on the farms around Burträsk. The animals breath fresh air, drink clean water and are kept outside in summer. Wonderful, beautiful and unique. A farm product where special milk from the Burträsk cows together with lactic acid cultures and fantastic cheese-makers create a cheese that all Swedes can be proud of.

Västerbottensost is a well kept secret, as befits a true love story, but one that we all can share, lose ourselves in and enjoy. It has seen several generations come and go and long may it continue. It’s the cultural heritage of future generations.”

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