A chef’s thoughts on Västerbottensost: Fredrik Eriksson

During the 30 years he has spent in the restaurant industry, Fredrik Eriksson has developed both skill and a special feeling for flavours. This has resulted, for example, in two Swedish MasterChef awards, the White Guide award, Guldfenan Svensk Fisk and a place in the Swedish hospitality industry’s Hall of Fame. Today, he owns the Långbro Värdshus restaurant and is the chairman of the jury in the Swedish equivalent of MasterChef.

Fredrik Ericsson beskuren

This is Fredrik Eriksson’s opinion of Västerbottensost:

“Västerbottensost is part of Swedish cultural heritage. It is good both with Swedish specialities such as a smörgåsbord or crayfish party, and also as an ingredient in cooking. It is a sort of Swedish parmesan.

“Västerbotten cheese is a part of the Swedish cultural heritage.”

Västerbottensost plays a key role when I make up my Swedish menus. Well-tempered and usually cooked, it goes well with my salmon dishes. The cheese is a natural part of these occasions.”

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