CNN´s Great Big Story about Västerbottensost®

Over the course of two beautiful winter days, a British film crew visited Burträsk in Sweden to tell the story of the unique taste and history of Västerbottensost®cheese.

“The fact that they found out about us and travelled all the way to Burträsk really shows that Västerbottensost®cheese is a small but inspiring global story.” – Thomas Rudin, Master Cheesemaker for Västerbottensost®cheese.

Master Cheesemaker Thomas Rudin acted as guide for the film crew on both days of their visit, offering them an intimate insight into both production and a long awaited look at the ripening rooms where over 100,000 cheeses rest their way to maturity on spruce shelving. The film crew were first treated to a cheese tasting in the warehouse and then given an insight into the taste spectrum that Thomas Rudin uses every day to judge when a Västerbottensost® cheese has reached optimum quality. The film crew even visited one of the farms that produce milk for the dairy in Burträsk, to see first-hand where the milk that gives Västerbottensost® cheese its unique character and taste comes from.

“They followed Västerbottensost®cheese through history. Starting in 1872, when dairymaid Ulrika Eleonora Lindström first developed the mysterious recipe before continuing onwards to the present day, when Västerbottensost® cheeses is not only a Swedish national treasure but is apparently becoming known worldwide.” – Thomas Rudin.

See the film here:

Västerbottensost praised at The Great Taste Awards 2018 in Great Britain

The Great Taste Awards have been highlighting products of outstanding quality and good taste since 1994 and take place in Dorset, Great Britain. The jury consisted of over 500 selected chefs, buyers, and food critics and over 12,000 products participated.

The jury’s verdict on the unique cheese from Burträsk in Västerbotten, Sweden, went like this:
”Enjoyable cheese with a welcome lack of sweetness, and a good winey, rum-like note on the finish.”