Careful cheese craftsmanship since 1872

Västerbottensost® has been made in the same way ever since Ulrika Eleonora Lindström created the legendary recipe in 1872. The formula is still a well-kept secret, known only to Cheese Master Thomas Rudin and a few other living people. Here you can learn more about the careful craftsmanship behind the cheese.

Västerbottensost® can only be made in one single place in the world – our little dairy in Burträsk

Time, patience & love

At the storehouse in Ånäset, all Västerbottensost® is left to age and develop its unique flavour. The 18-kilo cheeses are carefully turned every day for the first 22 days. From then on, they are turned once every 21 days.

Welcome to the peace and quiet

"The cheeses are evaluated by Cheese Master Thomas & his team on a nine-point scale"

Västerbottensost® is aged for at least 14 months to develop its unique flavour. To determine if the cheese is ready, a sample is taken with a cheese drill. The sample is then rated by Cheese Master Thomas Rudin and his team on a nine-point scale, based on taste, aroma, texture, and appearance.

Get to know our Cheese Master

Meet Thomas Rudin